Samsung Tab 10.1
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Er, 208 white matter hyperintensities <2 mm were found in the patient group (0–38, 14. 9, 8, respectively), only 31 in the cg (0–7, 2. 0, 1, respectively), with a significant difference (p‚=‚0. generic viagra online buy viagra online cheap viagra generic viagra online viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription viagra sale australia buy cheap viagra 006). No statistically significant correlation between the number of hyperintensities and either patient’s age or disease duration was observed. Conclusion: white matter hyperintensities are more common in patients with ssc than in a cg. These findings might be related to obliterative microvascular processes due to the disease. Early brain involvement in patients with ssc may occur. Cg, control group cns, central nervous system mr, magnetic resonance ssc, systemic sclerosis brain magnetic resonance imaging systemic sclerosis white matter previous section next section systemic sclerosis (ssc) is a progressive multisystem connective tissue disease of unknown aetiology, characterised by increased amounts of collagen in the blood vessels, skin, and visceral organs. Gastrointestinal tract, lungs, heart, and kidneys are mostly affected. The vascular changes begin with an injury to the endothelial cells and an intimal proliferation with fibrous thickening of the media, leading to obliterative microvascular disease. 1, 2 the prevalence and severity of vascular involvement of the central nervous system (cns) in patients with ssc is still a matter of discussion. It is generally considered to be uncommon or as a secondary consequence of hypertension, uraemia, pulmonary dysfunction, and steroid treatment 3 ; signs and symptoms of cns involvement were infrequently reported in the large clinical series of patients with ssc of tuffanelli and winkelmann. 4 moreover, cerebrovascular lesions were not found more often in patients with ssc than in an age matched control group at pathological examination. 5 however, several authors have reported cns abnormalities in patients with ssc, dating from the pathological observations of steven in 1898. 6, 7 cases of carotid and intracranial arteritis 8 have been reported, also. Neuropsychiatric manifestations, such as loss of memory, d. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
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